• The “Using Axiom software to build the Fiscal Year Budget” online training course is now available.

    Access it through the UAB Learning System (LMS).

  • Axiom for FY 19/20 is now open for data entry.

    To login to the system, visit the Administrative System Page.

    To request access to the system, visit our Requesting Access page.

  • Are you responsible for verifying effort reports are correct and certified? Are you required to certify an effort report?

    If so, register for the “Effort Report Certification Process Overview” online course! To register, go to www.uab.edu/learningsystem

    The State of Alabama Bid Law requires that all purchases and/or contracts for labor, services, materials, equipment, and supplies for such amounts as set by the State of Alabama, shall, except as otherwise provided in the law, be let by free and open competitive bidding, on sealed bids, to the lowest responsible bidder. Competitive, sealed bids shall be requested by University Purchasing. UAB is authorized to use all State of Alabama contracts when they are advantageous to the University.

    Purchase commitments cannot extend beyond five years; however, a purchase commitment, a lease contract or maintenance agreement that exceeds one year will require that UAB retain the option to cancel at the end of each fiscal year.