The Budget Adjustment Request Form is used throughout the year to revise the original budget established at the beginning of the fiscal year. It is necessary to process a budget adjustment when (1) adjusting income or expenditures in a budgeted account or (2) when transferring funds to or from a budgeted account.

The University budgets in whole dollars. Any Budget Adjustment Request Form received with cents is rounded up to the whole dollar.

Fund Types

The budget type fund code on an account can be changed by contacting your accountant. State funds are all budget type code 99 (general operating funds). Miscellaneous unrestricted funds can be budget type fund codes 98 (self-supporting budgeted) and 97 (self-supporting unbudgeted). You can find this code on the TASC form of each account under the Internal Report 1 tab. Miscellaneous unrestricted funds have minimum activity thresholds that require them to be budgeted. Your budget officer can assist you with further information if needed.

Submission Deadlines

Budget Adjustment Forms are processed by the Budget Administration Office throughout the month and may be submitted up until the monthly deadline. Any modifications received by Budget Administration after this date cannot be guaranteed to be processed within that month, and will, in most cases, be held until the following month.

Budget Adjustment monthly deadlines may be found on the Financial Affairs Calendar.

Fund Transfers

Learn more: processing budget adjustments that involve the transfer of funds.