• The “Using Axiom software to build the Fiscal Year Budget” online training course is now available.

    Access it through the UAB Learning System (LMS).

  • Axiom for FY 19/20 is now open for data entry.

    To login to the system, visit the Administrative System Page.

    To request access to the system, visit our Requesting Access page.

  • Are you responsible for verifying effort reports are correct and certified? Are you required to certify an effort report?

    If so, register for the “Effort Report Certification Process Overview” online course! To register, go to www.uab.edu/learningsystem


    In this section you will find all aspects of how to pay the University’s various types of employees, including staff, faculty, students, trainees, and non-U.S. citizens. Also listed on this page is useful information when paying an individual. Systematic training information related to paying is located in the Oracle HR & FN System section.