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Transfers reflects the movement of budgeted funds (may include actual $$) for a designated purpose. Below are guidelines for transferring funds. Exceptions to these guidelines may apply.

From L3

  • Must have sufficient funds to cover the transfer.
  • May require an accompanying budget entry (reduction in budgeted expenses or increase in budgeted revenues).

From L2

  • Requires a reduction in its L2 budgeted expenses.
  • Impacted budgeted object code(s) must not go into a deficit.

To L2

  • Requires an increase in its L2 budgeted expense.

General Restrictions

  • Budget Adjustment Request Forms involving Service Center accounts are generally not acceptable. For questions on these accounts, please contact Brandon Rodgers in Financial Accounting (Grants).
  • Budget Adjustment Request Forms involving Restricted Accounts (Gifts, Endowments, etc.) and generally not acceptable.

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