• Need to understand the Oracle General Ledger and Grants Accounting modules?

    Need to understand the GL and GA account string segments? The Overview of Oracle Financial Accounting course is now online and available through the LMS course catalog. To register, go to www.uab.edu/learningsystem

  • Are you responsible for verifying effort reports are correct and certified? Are you required to certify an effort report?

    If so, register for the “Effort Report Certification Process Overview” online course! To register, go to www.uab.edu/learningsystem

  • New Vendor Disclosure Statement

    Effective 1/1/19 UAB has a new Vendor Disclosure Statement.


    In this section of the website you will find all aspects of accounting for the University of Alabama at Birmingham. If a PI or department is contacted directly regarding any type of audit, UAB Financial Affairs Controller's Office and the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) should be informed immediately. Please see the Reporting section for more information.