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The University Contracts team oversees the contract review process and administers the Contract Management System (CMS), which serves as the central repository for UAB's contracts.

Review these two steps before beginning the contracting process:

  1. Determine if the vendor is an active supplier in the Oracle Supplier Inquiry.
  2. View the University Contracting Overview video for guidance on when a contract is required.


Contract General Information

  • Contract submitters should check the website regularly for updated information on CMS and policy changes.
  • Before a contract can be initiated via the CMS, the vendor must be an established vendor through the UAB Supplier Setup process.
  • Agreements between internal UAB departments do not require Central Review and a Board of Trustees signature. Department heads have authority to approve agreements between internal UAB departments.
  • Personal contracts for UAB employees should not be routed for central review. Personal contracts could consist of the following:
    • Work performed outside of regular UAB hours
    • Work performed on non-UAB property
    • Work performed on non-UAB equipment
    • Compensation for work performed will not be received by a UAB account

Note: The contract document number is required when processing a payment request. The document number is located on the departmental and central review routing forms.

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