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  • Campus Time & Attendance Punch and Edit Issue Resolved

    Between 11:00 am and 2:30pm, Monday 6/3/24, all employee timecards were inadvertently marked as approved in the new Campus Time & Attendance system. This prevented employees from punching and entering pay codes. This issue was caused by a post-conversion process error and not a system issue. The issue has been resolved and all time cards are now available. Missed punches resulting from this issue would need to be corrected by department time editors.


    Campus UKG Kronos to be replaced by Campus Time & Attendance

    (Campus Non-Exempt Staff Only)
    • Beginning June 2, the current version of UKG Campus Kronos will be replaced with the new Campus Time & Attendance system for UAB Campus timekeeping.

    • June 1, 2024 will be the last day campus non-exempt employees will use the old Campus UKG Kronos to punch in/out.

    •  New app will be available for use June 2nd on myUAB Portal.

    New app in myuab portal


    Campus Time & Attendance Training

    Attention Mac Users:

    It is advised to use an external (wired or wireless) mouse instead of the laptop trackpad to complete the course exercises

    • Non-Exempt Employee Training

      Beginning June 2, 2024 - UAB Campus non-exempt employees will utilize the Campus Time & Attendance System in order to track and document their daily hours worked on their UAB Campus primary assignment. Benefit eligible nonexempt employees also utilize the Campus Time & Attendance System to document their paid non-worked hours which includes, but not limited to, vacation, sick, personal holiday, bereavement, and jury duty.

      UAB Campus nonexempt employees concurrently utilize the Oracle TEL document to record their total daily work hours and paid non-worked hours for approval of payroll processing.

      Online Training

      Campus Time & Attendance for Non-Exempt Employees (Campus LMS)

      The below documentation will assist the nonexempt employee with utilizing the Campus UKG Kronos System to track and document their worked and paid non-worked hours for payroll processing.

      Written Instructions and Quick Reference Guides

    • Time Editor/Manager Training

      Campus Time & Attendance Time Editors are responsible for editing/correcting the nonexempt employee's Timecard when needed.

      Campus Time & Attendance Time Editor Access is requested, approved and assigned via the Oracle Access Control Form. View instructions on how to assign, update, or terminate Campus Time & Attendance access.

      Online Training

      Campus Time & Attendance for Time Editors & Managers (Campus LMS)


    Getting Help

    • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new timekeeping system, please don't hesitate to contact: Payhelp2@uab.edu.


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