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Budget Administration is responsible for:

  • Creation of University position strings in the Oracle HR System.
  • Reclassification of University position strings in the Oracle HR System.
  • Verification that all University regular/permanent positions are restricted to one employee (occupant), except for temporary training (transition) purposes.

Under the new RCM model, all new support/central position requests are reviewed to confirm that recurring funding is available prior to approval.

Position Strings

Position String Example


Oracle HR position strings consist of three segments:

  • First Segment: Organization — HR Organization
  • Second Segment: Position Number — five-digit number
  • Third Segment: Year-Month-Date (YYMMDD) — Position creation or reclassification date

Departments can run the HRUAB University Departmental Position Summary report in the Oracle Administrative System to get a current listing of active/frozen position strings and occupants.

Creation/Reclassification of University Position Strings

Budget Administration requires the following criteria prior to the creation/reclassification of a University (non-hospital) position string:

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