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When you are submitting a contract for review, please ensure the following items are included to route your agreement in a timely manner:

  • When the department submits the contract on the correct UAB contract template and all of the pre-submission requirements have been met, University Contracts will commit to having a fully executed and negotiated contract within fifteen (15) business days. However, if the agreement requires review by other UAB departments or if the opposing contract party requests revisions to the contract, the review may take longer. For more information, please see University Contracts Review & Submission Procedures.
  • Total anticipated amount of the agreement.
  • Indicate the anticipated payment disbursement dates. For example, invoices will be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or upon completion of task(s). Total compensation of $10,000.00, or more must be paid in multiple installments.
  • Compensation should not be paid in full prior to services rendered, at least 10% should be held until the day of the event/services rendered or upon invoice after completion of services.
  • Agreement should be updated every five years. If you are trying to amend an agreement more than five years old, please route a new agreement with the exception of Affiliation agreements for clinical education, internships, etc.
  • When amending a previous agreement please include the document number assigned to the original agreement.
  • If you are submitting an updated Business Associate Agreement (BAA), please provide the document number associated with the original agreement.
  • If the outside party is an individual, please include an approved Personal Services Form (PSF) with the agreement. Having the PSF approved prior to submitting your contract expedites the routing process. The departmental routing form should be completed with the appropriate departmental approvals prior to being submitted to UAB Contracts & Vendor Compliance.
  • Contract Amendments:
    • To amend/extend a contract in CMS you will need to do a new contract with a contract type of Amendment and the Parent Contract# should be the contract# you are amending.
    • To amend/extend a contract in CMS that was done in the old dashboard system you will need to do a new contract with a record type of Contract and the Legacy Contract# should be the contract# you’re amending. Please make sure you include a copy of the contract that you are amending as a Support Document in the Documents tab/section.

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