OnBase is a document management system which is now replacing OptiDoc/WebIT for the submission of Journal Entries, Payment Requests, and PO Requisitions.

OnBase Tips and Reminders:

  1. The OnBase Web Client is restricted to view only access. Supporting documentation must be imported from Oracle FN documents or approval notification.
  2. Supporting Documentation can be uploaded after the document is submitted, regardless of the approval status.
  3. Files “Imported” into OnBase cannot be deleted. Please review and remove uploaded files prior to clicking on “Import”.
  4. Close the OnBase browser window rather than clicking on Exit after importing files.


Instructions for Accessing Oracle Applications using Google Chrome 

Use of Google Chrome is highly recommended for processing or approving journal entries, payment requests, and PO requisitions.

How does this impact Campus?

  • Ability to email supporting documentation to the FA-OptiDocScan email will be discontinued.
  • No more faxing barcode sheets and supporting documentation into OptiDoc/WebIT for the following Oracle Finance documents:
    1. Journal Entries
    2. Payment Requests
    3. PO Requisitions
  • Supporting documentation previously sent to OptiDoc/WebIT will remain accessible in OptiDoc.
  • Supporting documentation will be uploaded into OnBase directly from the following Oracle finance documents:
    1. Journal Entries
    2. Payment Requests
    3. PO Requisitions
  • Supporting documentation will be reviewed either through the Oracle finance document, Oracle workflow notification, or OnBase web client.

How do I get access?

All users who currently have access to OptiDoc/WebIT or those who have submitted or approved an Oracle Finance document within the last 18 months have automatically been granted access to OnBase through the Oracle ACF form. Starting August 3, an ACF document will need to be submitted for any new or transferring employees.

OnBase Training


Download Video Transcript


Active collections requiring OptiDoc use after OnBase launch:

  • AP_Batch (all documents)
  • Oracle Journal Entries (documents submitted before August 17)
  • Oracle Payment Request (documents submitted before August 17)
  • PO Requisitions (documents submitted before August 17)


If you need immediate assistance, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..