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UAB student employees are enrolled and attending UAB students with an active employee assignment in the Oracle Administrative System. UAB Student employee assignments are established via the processing of a “New Hire” ACT Document in the Oracle Administrative System. Student employees are typically assigned as an 06 Student assignment category. Exception: development, non-UAB student training or university training participants may be classified as 46 Trainee or 99 Requisition.

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UAB Student Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements vary depending upon the scholarship/fellowship or student job program involved. For example, students receiving fellowships or assistantships through the UAB Graduate School must meet a minimum Graduate School enrollment requirement of 32 semester hours per year for doctoral programs or 24 semester hours per year for master's level programs. Many of the Joint Health Sciences graduate programs require the same number of credit hours or more. The award letters to the financial aid award letters addressed to each of the students, should clearly state the specific enrollment requirements and other conditions of the award.

Some student employee salary/wages may qualify for a Student Employee FICA Exemption under federal tax regulations if the student is a Federal College WorkStudy Program worker or otherwise only if the employee is a student worker enrolled at least half-time. Failure to qualify for the Student Employee FICA Exemption means that UAB is legally required to charge FICA/MC taxes, and this will affect both the cost to UAB and the amount of 'take-home pay' to the student. (Note: Fellowships are always exempt from FICA, because fellowships are not compensation.)

Students may be assigned to non-exempt or exempt payrolls dependent on the nature of the student assignment.

Non-Exempt Student Employee Approved Job Titles

  • 0844.Student Asst/Coop
  • 0TEN.Student Asst/Work Study 
  • B845.Student Asst
  • B846.Student Housing Resident Asst
  • S020002.Intern-H
  • S020001.Teaching Asst-H
  • ZM107N0.Tutor
  • ZT301N0.Student Assistant Contracted

Exempt Student Employee Approved Job Titles

The maximum pay rate for a non-graduate student employee job title is linked to the minimum pay rate for a grade level 13. This amount is provided in the current year General Grade & Range Structure on UAB Human Resources' Compensation website.

Federal Work Study Student Employee

The federal work study (FWS) program is administered through the Student Financial Aid Office. Students receiving FWS awards are appointed through the Oracle Administrative system using the ACT document. The following attachments are required for all work study appointments.

Original attachments should be forwarded to HR Records Administration, AB 254, 1720 2nd Ave. S, Birmingham, AL 35294, with a copy forwarded to the Office of Student Financial Aid, LHL G20, 1700 University Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35294-0013.

Terms & Conditions for Federal College Work-Study Placement

It is the employing department's responsibility to create the Oracle ACT document and hiring paperwork in order to activate the student's work-study assignment in the UAB Payroll System. All documentation below should be sent to UAB Records Administration in AB 254:

  • UAB Work-Study Placement form
  • I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
  • UAB Application for Employment
  • Copy of ACT Main Page

A copy of this form and a copy of the ACT Main Page should be sent to the Student Financial Aid Office in LHL G20. The Financial Aid Office will not approve any ACT document until we receive this form completed by the employing department. The Financial Aid Office is the first approver of the ACT document and maintains the authority to verify all information submitted to ensure that the student's work-study assignment complies with federal regulations regarding the Federal College Work-Study Program.

  • The federal share of work-study wages cannot exceed 75%; the employer share of wages is 25%.
  • All hours worked beyond the student's assigned end date or amount awarded, will be charged to the employing department/agency.
  • The average work-study schedule is 16 hours per week.
  • Work-study students should be enrolled in a program leading to a degree or certificate from UAB.
  • Work Study Students should record their work hours by punching in Campus Time & Attendance. Supervisors are able to approve the employee timecard in Campus Time & Attendance. Any adjustments to the employee work time by a supervisor, after the time card has been signed off, would need to be made by reprocessing the employee TEL document.
  • Only time actually worked may be submitted for payroll. Work-study students are not to include time spent for lunch or study breaks on the TEL document.
  • It is the employing department's responsibility to inform the Financial Aid Office in writing when a student leaves their employment.

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