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Board of Directors

The charter now provides for thirteen directors, five being University officers of board members. The remainder may be outsiders. Present board members are:


  • Dr. Pam Benoit, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Ms. Dawn Bulgarella, CEO, UAB Health System
  • Dr. Brian D. Burnett, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Ms. Nancy Fouad-Carey
  • Ms. Kate Cotton
  • Mr. Lucas Gambino
  • Dr. Dana Keith, Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration, UA System
  • Mr. Bolaji Kukoyi
  • Ms. Vanessa Leonard, Member, Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama
  • Mr. Wesley Smith
  • Mr. Al Vance
  • Dr. Ray L. Watts, President of UAB
  • Ms. Odessa Woolfolk



Current officers of the Foundation are:

  • Dr. Ray Watts, President
  • Dr. Brian D. Burnett, Vice President
  • Ms. Stephanie B. Mullins, Associate Vice President
  • Mr. Bernard Mays, Jr., Treasurer
  • Mr. W. John Daniel, Secretary
  • Ms. Terri D. Sharp, Associate Secretary

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