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ACT Element List
Add Multiple Deposit Accounts
Call Extension Discontinuation FAQs
Cancelling Payment Requests
Changing Your Personal Information
Clearing and Deleting Invoices
Copying Payment Requests
Delete Direct Deposit Account
Deleting Previously Entered Wire Payment Information
Direct Deposit Initial Setup
Effort Reporting: View Effort Reports for DEOs
Employee Intra-State Travel Form Overview
Employee Out-of-State Travel Form Overview
Employee Payments & Reimbursements FAQs
Entering Distributions with GA Accounts
Entering Distributions with GL Accounts
Entering Payment Requests for Employee Payments/Reimbursements
Entering Payment Requests for Non-Employee Payments
Entering Split Distributions with GL and GA Accounts
Entering Wire Payment Information
Escrow Calculation Form
Hospital Kronos Meal Break Attestation Project Overview
Hospital Kronos: Adding a Meal Deduction
Hospital Kronos: Cancelling a Meal Deduction
Hospital Kronos: Editing a 60-Minute Lunch Break
Hospital Kronos: Monitoring Cancelled Automatic Meal Deductions
Hospital Kronos: Running MyTimeStamp Detail Report
How to Read Your Payslip
Installing ClickOnce Browser Extension in Chrome and Firefox
Nine-Month Pay Election Form
Nonrecurring Element ACT Document
Online Tax Form
Oracle FN: Using the Find Feature
Oracle FN: Using the Log Feature
Oracle: Understanding Your Payslip
Oracle: Update Direct Deposit Account
Oracle: View Annual W-2 Statement
Oracle: View Effort Report in Worklist
Oracle: View Employee Information (Employee Inquiry)
Oracle: View Employment and Salary History
Oracle: View Old Effort Reports
PIE: HR Deducting Departments
PIE: Labor Distribution (LD) Extract
PIE: Payroll Data Extract
Salary Reclass Form
TEL Add Overtime (Reprocess)
TEL Basics
TEL Document Fields/Buttons Defined
TEL Document Status Explanation
TEL Element Costing
TEL Element Description and Categorization
TEL Reprocess a Document
View Effort Reports Beginning April 2013