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Central Review Process

Contact: Office of UAB CFO, (205) 934-5121

University Purchasing, the Office of Counsel, UAB Chief Financial Officer (Financial Affairs), Board Signatories and will include the following specialized reviews if necessary: Real Estate Office, Research Foundation, University Risk Management or any other specialized review (see below) deemed necessary. When all applicable reviews are complete, the contract will be routed for the appropriate board signature. Once signed, the UAB Contracts & Vendor Compliance office will return a PDF copy or the hardcopy to the department and maintain a copy for the central repository files.

Characteristics of contracts requiring specialized review:

  • Information Technology (IT) — Agreements with an IT/Information Technology component
  • Public Relations (PR) — Agreements related to UAB branding/logo
  • Real Estate — Agreements involving the purchase, lease, rent, and/or sale of property
  • University Risk Management

As of July 1, 2016, any research related fee for service agreements will need to be sent to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) for review and approval. Read the FFS memorandum.

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