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Emergency Purchase Orders

Contact: Executive Director of Procurement, (205) 934-4515

Requests for immediate processing of purchase order requests should be limited to emergency needs. All requests must be approved by the appropriate Departmental Approver, Dean, Accounting Manager, or Equipment Accountant prior to being processed by Accounting Services. A purchase order number can only be issued by University Purchasing after all required approvals are received. For the purpose of this policy, an emergency purchasing requirement is defined as anything affecting the health, welfare, or safety of a patient, student, or employee.

When the department requests a purchase order number to place an order with a vendor, the department must phone, fax, or deliver the order to the vendor. University Purchasing does not mail a printed purchase order for confirmation. The items ordered from the vendor must match the requisition given to University Purchasing. No changes should be made without notifying University Purchasing immediately.

Departments should complete the APO Approval Form. This will enable the University Purchasing staff to manually create a purchase order in Oracle.

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