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Out of Cycle Payment Guidelines

Contact: Payroll Services, (205) 934-4523

Under restricted reasons, departments may follow this guideline to request a payment on behalf of an employee outside the normal and extra payroll cycles.

Reason for Guidelines

This procedure was put in place due to audit concerns surrounding the controls, justification, regulations and business practices that are put at risk when issuing an out-of-cycle payment.

Request Process

Any request for out-of-cycle payroll payments must be made to the Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs by the Dean/Vice President/Hospital Chief Operating Officer employing the individual.

Justification for Payment

Generally, out-of-cycle payments will be made only when an employee receives less than 50% of what they should have received in the normal payroll cycle and the discrepancy resulted because of an Oracle system or Central Administration issue.

Complete the Out of Cycle Request Form.

Method of Payment

The payment is usually wired and memo posts on the next banking business day and deposits that night.

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