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New Process for Ordering

Effective March 1, 2022 UAB will be changing Dry Ice vendors. As a result of the vendor change, the process for ordering Dry Ice will also change.

Things to Know:

  • Effective with deliveries March 1, 2022 and beyond, Dry Ice will be ordered via the UAB Dry Ice Order Form.
  • Dry Ice will be delivered in bags – each weighing approximately 10 lbs each.
    • To gauge volume, a bag of Dry Ice is about the same size as a 10 lb bag of regular ice.
  • Orders submitted by 12:00 noon will be delivered the following business day.
  • Billing will be centrally managed by University Purchasing.

Need to update your dry ice order? Follow these steps:

  1. Send FA-Purchasing@uab.edu an email requesting update/change to your dry ice order.
  2. Purchasing will do 2 things:
    1. Sends a request to the Dry Ice Delivery Team asking them to cancel the referenced order. The Dry Ice Delivery Team will respond with confirmation that the requested cancellation has been made in both the delivery and billing records.
    2. Advises Requestor that the original order has been cancelled and that they need to resubmit the request with the corrected information (updated quantity, updated accounting, updated location – whatever needs to be changed)

The above process must be followed to ensure all parties involved (Requestor, Dry Ice Delivery Team, & Dry Ice Invoicing Team) are working from accurate orders.

NOTE - if the current PTAO has expired, University Purchasing will charge the expense to your voluntary cost sharing account provided by Financial Accounting.

Questions? Contact FA-Purchasing FA-Purchasing@mail.ad.uab.edu

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