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Vendor Disclosure Statement

Effective October 1, 2019, except where exempted below, vendor disclosure statements shall be required from all vendors in an effort to eliminate potential conflicts of interest, regardless of anticipated expenditure. Vendor Disclosure Statements are valid for a 12 month period. Proper completion of the University of Alabama System Vendor Disclosure Statement meets or exceeds the requirements of Section 41-16-82, Code of Alabama 1975.

UAS Vendor Disclosure Statement

Vendor Disclosure Statements are not required for the following list of exceptions:

1. Payments to Airlines.
2. Payments to Hotels.
3. Payments to government agencies, such as state or federal agencies.
4. Payments to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).
5. Payments to patients or participants in research studies.
6. Payments issued in the ordinary course of business, such as a patient refund or state refund on scholarship payments, financial aid, or reimbursements to employees or students of The University of Alabama at Birmingham.
7. Payments made to healthcare providers in the ordinary course of providing the standard of care for an individual patient, such as organ procurement, blood procurement, or patient transfers.

Please contact the UAB iSupplier Team at UABisupplier@uab.edu or (205) 975-2920 if there are any questions.

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