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Completing Your Payroll Information

To make sure that your payroll information is processed properly, complete each of the following steps. You must have your Blazer ID and a strong password before you can complete this process. Set up Blazer ID and password at www.uab.edu/blazerid. Your Blazer ID will not be active for 24 hours.

  • Submit your Federal Tax information electronically
  • Submit your State Tax information electronically
  • Submit your Direct Deposit information electronically

Oracle Administrative System: Self Service Applications

To access the system from any computer, navigate to myUAB and click on Oracle HR & Finance from myApps. You will be asked to provide your Blazer ID and strong password. If you do not have a Blazer ID, or cannot remember your Blazer ID or Password, go to www.uab.edu/blazerid and follow the prompts given. If you need assistance, contact AskIT via email at askit@uab.edu or phone at (205) 996-5555.

Task to Be Performed

UAB Self Service Application Menu Option

Video Tutorials

Update name and home address

Updating your personal information in Oracle


Add/Update direct deposit account(s)

*When adding or updating direct deposit information, please make all changes no less than 10 days prior to the next pay date.

How to Set Up a Direct Deposit

Update federal and state tax withholdings online. State tax withholdings: Alabama Form A-4 may be submitted online; out of state tax forms must be completed and faxed to Payroll Services at (205) 975-4739

Online Tax Forms

How to Set Up Tax Withholding Forms

Change pay option between nine-in-nine and nine-in-twelve (nine-month contract employees ONLY), available April 1 – July 31

Nine Month Pay Election Form


View payment calculations, including escrow withheld and escrow paid based on the nine-in-twelve pay option

Nine Month Pay Escrow Calculator


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