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Payroll Services Direct Deposit

Payroll direct deposit is required for all UAB employees including those working outside the state of Alabama. Employees may create and/or edit direct deposit accounts using Oracle Self Service Applications. If direct deposit information is not received prior to the first payment, a check will be mailed to the employee's address of record. Subsequent checks will be held in the Payroll Services office until direct deposit information is entered into the Oracle system.

Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate

UAB employees with an assignment work location outside the state of Alabama are required to complete a state tax withholding form applicable to the state in which the work is performed as well as a federal W-4 form. Select, from the following, the appropriate state withholding form and federal form W-4. Once completed, you send the forms to Payroll Services by fax at (205) 975-7417 or email payhelp1@uab.edu. If no tax form is received before the payroll deadline, the maximum withholding, single with -0- allowances, will be withheld for both federal and state.

Employees with multiple work locations should complete a state employee withholding certificate for each state. The United States Department of Labor lists all US state tax forms on its site.

Download United States Department of Labor State Tax Withholding Forms.

UAB/UAB Medicine Telecommuting Guidelines

Telecommuting is a voluntary work arrangement between management and an employee, not an entitlement, and is based on the needs of the job, work group, and organization. The position’s job duties, obligations, and responsibilities will remain unchanged. This arrangement is not a company-wide benefit, and in no way changes the terms and conditions of employment with the University of Alabama at Birmingham (“UAB”) or UAB Medicine. These Telecommuting Guidelines set minimum requirements. Departments or business units within UAB/UAB Medicine may adopt more stringent requirements for telecommuting. See the UAB Human Resources Policies & Handbooks website for more details on telecommuting.

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