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Childcare Costs for Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Institutional Research Training Awards Policy


NIH will provide an annual $2,500 per each full-time predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainee appointment slot at the time the new, renewal, or continuation award is made. NIH will not provide childcare support for short-term predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainees regardless of the activity code. For active awards, NIH anticipates beginning to award the additional $2,500 in childcare costs per trainee slot at the time of the next continuation award starting in Fiscal Year 2022.

For childcare costs to be considered allowable, eligible full-time predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainees must be appointed to the NRSA institutional research training award prior to use of the childcare costs. The institutional training grant programs that support full-time pre- and post-doctoral trainees under the NRSA authority are the T32, TL1, TU2 and T90.

The NRSA childcare costs are not tied to payback obligations, nor should it be reported as such.

Childcare must be provided by a licensed childcare provider. Recipients must maintain all supporting documentation (e.g., proof provider is licensed) and make it available to NIH officials upon request. NIH does not require recipients to submit this supporting documentation except when specifically requested.

Eligible childcare under the childcare cost is care that is licensed and/or regulated by state and/or local authorities, including, but not limited to:

  1. Childcare at a day camp, nursery school, or by a private sitter.
  2. Before- or after-school care, pre-schools.
  3. Licensed day care centers.
  4. Summer or holiday day camps.

When childcare costs are awarded, they are restricted. Only eligible full-time predoctoral or postdoctoral NRSA trainees may use the costs and they must be used for childcare expenses; any unused funds cannot be rebudgeted and must be reported as an unobligated balance on the Federal Financial Report (FFR). The awarding IC will offset any unused funds in future years or will adjust the amount as a part of the closeout process.


Frequently Asked Questions are available here: FAQs Link

All who are eligible should fill out the Child Care Approval form and attach required documentation. The form should be signed by the department and accountant.
Child care is not to be used for travel.

Payment request should be processed using Prizes and Awards Payment Type and Object Code and Item Expenditure Type for 8706012 - SCHOL-CHILDCARE COST.


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