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Non-Travel Costs

Contact: Controller's Office, (205) 996-1277

Sometimes UAB miscellaneous expenditures are coincidentally incurred while in travel status which would not normally be considered travel expenditures. Examples include the purchase of supplies, books, repairs to UAB equipment, entertainment, audiovisual equipment rentals, extension cord purchases, notary fees, fax fees, etc.

Reimbursement requests for such non-travel costs should not be included in travel reimbursement requests. Such costs should not be charged to travel object codes but instead to the same object code which would have been used if it were not incurred in travel status (i.e. entertainment object code, supply object code, repair object code, etc., as applicable). Reimbursement for such expenditures must be documented with appropriate receipts and justifications, just as if they had not been incurred in travel status. The one notable exception to this rule is conference registration fees paid by the traveler vs. those paid directly by UAB.

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