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Need to submit an invoice to UAB? Here's some things to know:

      1. Invoices that have a UAB Purchase Order should be submitted to UABAPInvoices@uab.edu for immediate processing.
      2. Invoices without a UAB Purchase Order (typically an invoice for a service and does not require a UAB Purchase Order) should be sent to the UAB departmental point of contact for processing.


All invoices should include:

  • Purchase Order Number (if required)
  • Description of good or service
  • Quantity
  • Unit price
  • Invoice date and number
  • Bill to and Remit to address


If submitting your invoice via USPS, send the invoice to:

The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Accounts Payable
801 Financial Services Building, Suite 201
1720 2nd Avenue South
Birmingham, Alabama 35294

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