Non-Accountable Travel

Contact: Payroll Services, (205) 934-4523

Non-Accountable Travel occurs when a travel reimbursement request has expired the 60-day rule as indicated in the travel policy and must be paid via a Nonrecurring Element ACT Document. The element name should be Tax Reimbursement-A and the element entry value must match the travel reimbursement request and cannot be "grossed up." The payment is classified as W2 reportable employee compensation and subject to all applicable taxes; however, it is not:

  • subject to Teachers Retirement
  • subject to deduction withholdings
  • effort reportable

Payroll requires the following before the reimbursement for non-accountable travel is approved for payment:

  • A statement indicating the original travel reimbursement payment request number, that the payment request was returned due to 60-day expiration, and that the payment will be issued through Payroll Services and subject to all applicable taxes. The employee should retain the original receipts for tax filing purposes. OR
  • A request to Payroll Services for reimbursement including a statement that the travel request cannot be processed through Accounts Payable due to 60-day expiration and a statement indicating that the requested amount matches the total amount on the travel receipts.

All reimbursements for Non-Accountable Travel require the approved signature.