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Check Deposits

Department check deposits should be submitted using the Financial Operations Center (FinOps) lock box located in AB 160 on the first floor of the Administration Building (See address and picture below). Check deposits and documentation are required to be in a sealed envelope or deposit bag. FinOps will routinely check the lock box throughout each work day and process all deposits in a timely manner. A confirmation email will be sent to departments acknowledging receipt.

Cash deposits must be processed in person and by appointment only. Do not leave cash in the lock box.

Some departments with minimal credit card deposit activity have sent their supporting documentation to FA-OpsCenter@uab.edu. Financial Accounting works with FinOps to ensure these items are processed. This will continue until OnBase or a similar solution is in place to submit this documentation. However, if you have significant credit card deposit activity, please leave the deposits in the lock box in a sealed envelope/bag. In addition, if your department has a combination of check deposits and credit card deposits, all items and related support should be left in a sealed envelope/bag in the lock box at AB.

FinOps staff will be available by appointment to distribute greenphire cards. Departments can use the contact information below to schedule appointments or discuss deposit activity or discrepancies.

Department and Building Address: Financial Affairs Operations Center 701 20th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35294, AB 160

Contact Information Phone: 205-934-4151, Email: FA-OpsCenter@uab.edu

Financial Operations Center lock box:

FinOps drop box 

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