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System Training

Academic - Over Threshold - Space Survey Instructions
Academic - Under Threshold - Space Survey Instructions
Access Control Form
Add Multiple Deposit Accounts
Annual Space Survey Methodology and Definitions
Appendix A - Joint Use Room Types
Appendix B - Lab Service Room Types
Award Status Inquiry - Actuals
Award Status Inquiry - Invoice Review
Award Status Inquiry - Resource Status
Axiom Process Management Overview
BuyUAB - Instructions on Locating Airgas Invoices
BuyUAB - Ordering from Airgas
Call Extension Discontinuation FAQs
Cancelling Payment Requests
Canon Uniflow Registration and Printing Instructions
Changing GL Journal Entry Accounting Periods
Changing the Default Export Application
Changing Your Personal Information
Check Deposits
Clearing and Deleting Invoices
Common Errors with Definitions
Configure MAC for Canon Secure Print
Copying Payment Requests
Cost Transfer FAQs
Delete Direct Deposit Account
Deleting a Journal or Batch
Deleting Previously Entered Wire Payment Information
Effort Reporting Certification Flowchart
Effort Reporting Period Dates and Deadlines
Effort Reporting: Document Status Explanation
Effort Reporting: View Effort Reports for DEOs
Electronic Distribution
Employee Payments & Reimbursements FAQs
Entering GL Journal Entries
Entering Payment Requests for Employee Payments/Reimbursements
Entering Wire Payment Information
Equipment Repair
Escrow Calculation Form
Event Pre-Approval Form Expenditure Guidelines Grid
Expenditure Guidelines FAQ - Access Services
Expenditure Guidelines FAQ - Promotional Items
Expenditure Guidelines FAQ: Bid Law
Expenditure Inquiry
FAS Screens
Finding Requisitions
Function Codes
GA End User Award Status
GA End User Funding Inquiry
GA End User Indirect Cost (IDC) Allocation
GA End User Project Status
GA End User Project Status Inquiry - Commitments
GA End User Project Status Inquiry - Project
GA End User Project Status Inquiry - Resource Status
GA End User Project Status Inquiry - Task Status
GA End User Reports
GA End User Reports: Run
GA End User Understanding the Grants Account Structure
GA Journal Entry Batches — View Only
GA MAS Reports
GAUAB Report Invoice and Cash Detail by Award PRTGA205
GAUAB Report Payroll Default Account Employee Summary
General Ledger Account Key
GL Account Alias
GL End User Attribute Dictionary
GL End User Inquiry Functions-Accounts
GL End User Transaction Download
GL End User UAB Balance Download
GL End User: UAB Account Statements
GL Inquiry Journals
GL Reports - Run
GMUAB Cash Flow History Report
GMUAB PTA Download (Ad hoc)
GMUAB Receivables Aging Report
GMUAB Report GA Encumbrance RPT
How to Manually Install UniFlow on Windows
How to Set Your Default Printer
HR Ad Hoc Reports
INSITE Space Training Instructions
Installing ClickOnce Browser Extension in Chrome and Firefox
Legacy Payroll Info
Listing of Divisions Over Threshold
Nine-Month Pay Election Form
Non-Academic Space Survey Instructions
Notification Action Buttons Defined
Object Code List
Official Oracle Object Code Listing
OnBase: Importing Documentation from the GL Journal Entry Form
OnBase: Importing Documentation from the Payment Request Form
OnBase: Outlook Add-In
OnBase: Preparing Outlook Emails for OnBase Import
OnBase: Securing Access to OnBase
OnBase: Service Center Backup Documentation
OnBase: Using the OnBase Web Client
OnBase: Viewing and Importing Documentation from the Oracle Worklist Notification
Online Tax Form
Oracle FN: UAB $ Balances
Oracle FN: UAB Document Locator
Oracle FN: Using the Find Feature
Oracle FN: Using the Log Feature
Oracle GL UAB TASC Form
Oracle HR: View Requests (Ad Hoc Reports Documentation)
Oracle: Direct Deposit Initial Setup
Oracle: Update Direct Deposit Account
Oracle: Using Oracle HR & Finance on a Mac
Oracle: View and Understand Your Payslip
Oracle: View Annual W-2 Statement
Oracle: View Effort Report in Worklist
Oracle: View Employee Information (Employee Inquiry)
Oracle: View Employment and Salary History
Oracle: View Old Effort Reports
Oracle: View Salary Distributions by Document
Oracle: View Salary Distributions by Period
Ordering Items from the Oracle Item Master
Org Unit Code Listing
Organizational Unit Code
Over-the-Cap Effort Report Checklist
Over-the-Cap Effort Report Quick Guide
Overview to Entering GL Journal Entries
Personal Worklist Documentation
PIE: HR Deducting Departments
PIE: Labor Distribution (LD) Extract
PIE: Payroll Data Extract
Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM)
PRUAB Departmental Secondary Assignment Details Report
Purchase Order Summary
Requisition Summary
Room Use Summary
Searching for Purchase Orders
Ship-to Locations
Signature Authority FAQs
Sole Source Justification
Space Survey FAQs
Space Survey Glossary of Terms
SPS Key Terms
SPS Overview
SPS: Approving Disposal Requests
SPS: Creating Disposal Requests
Submit Processes (Ad-Hoc Reporting)
Sunflower Getting Started Training
Sunflower Report Training
Supplier Inquiry
TEL Add Overtime (Reprocess)
TEL Basics
TEL Costing Mid-Period Documents
TEL Document Fields/Buttons Defined
TEL Document Status Explanation
TEL Element Costing
TEL Element Description and Categorization
TEL Reprocess a Document
Travel Reimbursement Documentation
UAB Expenditure Guidelines
Validation Files
View Effort Reports Beginning April 2013
When and Why Does the PTA Change?
Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM)

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