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Promotional Items

Promotional items given to donors, visitors, alumni, study participants, students, and potential students are allowed. The promotional item must be inscribed or imprinted with words and/or pictures identifying the University or in the case of study participants the Grant Study. The individual cost of a promotional item should not exceed $25.*

Limited Circumstances

In limited circumstances, appreciation gifts (not to exceed $25*), holiday cards**, plaques and awards may be allowed if it is determined that these expenditures are in the best interest of the University and promote the purposes of the University.

*IRS Publication 463 (2014), Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses places a $25 per person per year business gift allowance. Items exceeding $25 would require the department to obtain a W-9 from the recipient and provide the information to the Controller’s Office annually in order to include in yearly 1099 tax reporting.

**Cards must be pre-printed with UAB and/or Department Name.

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