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Ordering Items from the Oracle Item Master

When ordering items from the Oracle Item Master always use a catalog identifier followed by a period and then the item number. The catalog and item number should always have all uppercase letters. If all upper case is not used Oracle will not find the item. This field is case sensitive. An example of how an item is entered could be ABC.123BGR75. Do not use dashes or spaces in the item number.

Valid Item Catalogs for Oracle are:

  • AMB – for animal food and bedding
  • ATH – for athletic supplies
  • COM – for communication supplies
  • CYL – for cylinder gas purchases
  • DEN – for dental supplies and kits
  • FSC – for Fisher Scientific items
  • HOS – for hospital supplies (used by hospital only in Lawson)
  • JAN – for janitorial supplies
  • MAX – for maintenance items
  • PAP – for paper and paper supplies (copy paper, envelopes, ink…)
  • RYC – for Corporate Express Imaging Faison computer supplies
  • SIG – for Sigma chemical purchases
  • STA – for office supplies form Staples

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