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Sole Source Justification

ยง41-16-20 of the State of Alabama Bid Law and federal requirements of the Office of Management Budget mandate that the University procure all material, equipment, services and supplies totaling $75,000 or more via a competitive bid.

A completed Sole Source Justification form is required for any purchase totaling $75,000 or more that is not sourced via a competitively awarded contract.

The reasonability of a sole source purchase must be based on the requestor's investigation, evaluation, and documentation of alternate sources of supply. Rejection of similar products must be based solely on their failure to meet required specifications. Note: The State of Alabama stipulates that price may only be considered via the competitive bidding process. A listing of the unique technical specifications required of the product and the potential companies contacted in the search for alternate sources must be included as well as the evaluation of those products whether accomplished at conferences, trade fairs, interoffice communication, etc. Vendors may not assist in writing any sole source documentation. In cases where no alternate sources are known, complete technical specifications must be provided to University Purchasing in order that a search and evaluation may be completed.

All sole source transactions are subject to review and audit by internal audit, state examiners and other governing agencies.

The Executive Director of Procurement is vested with the authority to approve a sole source purchase and the decision of the Executive Director is final.

Sole Source Justification Requirements

The sole source justification form must be completed by the individual with the greatest knowledge of the requested product and/or service.

The following documents must be included as supporting documentation in CMS (with any contract submission) or in OnBase (with any purchase requisition):

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