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UAB GA End User Reports


Several reporting mechanisms are available to users of the Administrative System's GA End User responsibilities. Official monthly reports are system-delivered to Award Managers via the UAB Report Viewer. Additionally, users with UAB GA End User responsibilities can run ad-hoc reports as needed.

In general, there are two types of reports available to users of the UAB GA END USER responsibility: System-delivered Reports and Ad-Hoc Reports.

  • System-Delivered Reports

    System-delivered reports are reports that are automatically sent to the designated recipient, usually the Award Manager, via the UAB Report Viewer. However, some reports are also system-delivered using a unique recipient listing, and secondary distributions may also be set up for monthly account statements and encumbrance reports at the Award Manager's discretion. System-delivered reports for the UAB GA END USER responsibility are generally sent in PDF format (exception: PTA and Award Downloads). Some ad-hoc versions are also available that can be exported into Excel.

    Reports vary based on account type, but typically include the following:

    • PTA Download - Excel format
    • Award Download - Excel format
    • Protected Health Information (PHI) GA Transaction Reconciliation Report - provides patient names used to reconcile account statements where the names were replaced with "Study Patient" in compliance with HIPAA regulation
    • GA Encumbrance Detail Report - listing of encumbrance activity for the current month
    • Awards Ending in 125 Days - listing of all grant and contract awards with an end date occurring within 125 days of the date of the report
    • Indirect cost (IDC) Recovery Report - delivered to a manually maintained list of recipients
  • Ad-Hoc Reports

    Ad-hoc reports are available to any user with UAB GA End User or UAB GL End User responsibilities. These reports can be run at will; they do not have to be run as of month-end. Resulting reports are subject to the parameters defined by the user at the time of submission. Results are returned in the Concurrent Manager, and some can be exported into excel. Many of the system-delivered reports can be ran on an ad-hoc basis. Other ad-hoc reports include the following:

    • GAUAB Report Invoice and Cash Detail by Award
    • GMUAB Report Awards Ending Within 125 Days
    • GMUAB Report Budget History
    • GMUAB Report GA Encumbrance
    • UAB GA End User Reports Overview
    • GMUAB Report Payroll Default Account Details
    • GMUAB Cash Flow History Report
    • GMUAB Receivables Aging Report
    • GA MAS Reports - Browser-Based Form


In addition to the system-delivered and ad-hoc reports, the Expenditure Inquiry form is available to assist users in collecting, managing, and reporting transactional data.

Expenditure Inquiry

Expenditure Inquiry is a feature available on the UAB GA End User menu. It provides a powerful search function to query expenditures for a project using the project number and various parameters. Search results can easily be exported into Excel. Learn more about Expenditure Inquiry.

Contact: Financial Accounting, (205) 934-9330

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