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Workflow Approval Maintenance (WAM)

Workflow is the routing of electronic documents within the HR and Finance Administrative (FN) Systems. Some workflow routing is programmatically controlled, such as self-service banking changes, effort reports, and invoices. Other workflow routing is defined by the user organizations using the WORKFLOW APPROVAL MAINTENANCE (WAM) form. Workflow from the requestor to Central Administration is referred to as the end user approval path.

The end user approval path is controlled by the WORKFLOW APPROVAL MAINTENANCE (WAM) form. Each organizational unit has a Workflow Officer (WFO) who is responsible for setting up and managing the WAM form. The Workflow Officer may use the same approval path for all document types, or the approval path may vary by document type, based on the needs of the organization. If you are a WFO, click here for training and information on managing approvers in WAM.

Contact: Financial Affairs Training, FA-Train@uab.edu



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