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HR Ad Hoc Reports

A listing of Ad hoc (programmed, unscheduled) reports available to be ran on a as needed basis when using the UAB HR Officer Responsibility.

Below is a listing of available HR ad-hoc (programmed, unscheduled) reports created by UAB Financial Affairs. The reports can be ran on an as needed basis using the Oracle UAB HR Officer responsibility or UAB Salary Reclass User responsibility. Report names are listed as they appear in the Run> Submit Processes> Single Request LOV; as well as the report file format when viewed in the UAB Report Viewer.

Report Name

Report Description

File Format

pdfLDUAB Program Assignment Level Labor Distribution Report PDGLD089

Listing of current assignment labor distributions for an organization's employees as of the report run date. Future labor distribution changes are not reported.


pdfHRUAB University Departmental Position Summary Report

Listing of all active and frozen positions in the Oracle HR Administrative System as of the report run date.


pdfPRUAB Report Position Hospital RPTPR210

Listing of current UAB Hospital position strings along with the mirrored LLC Position Strings. Includes Oracle HR Data on employees occupying the UAB Hospital/LLC Position Strings.


pdfHRUAB Budget Position Exec Report

Listing of all positions in the Oracle HR Administrative System as of the report run date. Includes all positions with a status description of: Active, Frozen or Eliminated - Final Close.


pdfPRUAB Departmental Secondary Assignment Detail Report HR Officer

Listing of all employees/trainees with mulitple active exempt or nonexempt assignments. Includes Assignment details and supervisor information for each active assignment.


pdfLDUAB Report Cumulative Salary Status RPTLDCSSR

Cumulative listing of salary entries for individuals who are required to certify effort provided directly or indirectly to sponsored programs. Included are the monthly payroll salary entries and salary adjustments made by departments pertaining to the designated semi annual period.


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