• What requires a contract?

    See the Contract Thresholds policy.

  • What do I need to know when routing a contract?
    • The contract approval process takes five to 10 business days, once the agreement is received by the UAB Contracts & Vendor Compliance Office.
    • Total anticipated amount of the agreement.
    • Indicate the anticipated payment disbursement dates. For example, invoices will be paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or upon completion of task(s). Total compensation of $10,000.00, or more must be paid in multiple installments.
    • Compensation should not be paid in full prior to services rendered, at least 10 percent should be held until the day of the event/services rendered or upon invoice after completion of services.
    • Agreement should be updated every five years. If you are trying to amend an agreement more than five years old, please route a new agreement with the exception of Affiliation agreements for clinical education, internships, etc.
    • When amending a previous agreement please include the document number assigned to the original agreement.
    • If you are submitting an updated Business Associate Agreement (BAA), please provide the document number associated with the original agreement.

    If the outside party is an individual, please include an approved Personal Services Form (PSF) with the agreement. Having the PSF approved prior to submitting your contract expedites the routing process. The departmental routing form should be completed with the appropriate departmental approvals prior to being submitted to UAB Contracts & Vendor Compliance.

  • When do I need a formal contract with a company/individual?

    In determining whether a contract is required:

    1. First, look at the amount of the fee (excluding travel). If the fee is $2,499 or less, no contract is required unless there are terms or conditions or signatures required (see item 3).
    2. If the fee is $2,500 or more, determine if the service is professional, consulting, or non-professional.
      • Professional services are usually performed by an individual with an advanced degree (PhD, MD, architect, engineer, lawyer etc).
      • Consulting Services will include independent contractors or other individuals who possess a high degree of skill in their field. If the fee is $2,500 or more for either professional services or consulting, a contract is required. Note that no differentiation is made between whether payee is a company or individual. The same rules apply.
      • Non-professional services are usually performed by individuals without an advanced degree and include lawn care specialists, janitorial services, window cleaning, etc. If the fee is $7,500 or more, a contract is required.
    3. If there are terms or conditions or a signature is required, a contract is always required.
  • What is the difference between a contract and a fee for service agreement?

    UAB's Procurement Office has recently changed the nomenclature for most formal agreements with external entities (company/individual) from contracts to fee for service agreements. The words can be used interchangeably, but the contracts themselves are worded as fee for service agreements.

  • If the company/individual requires a cash down payment or deposit, do I need a contract?

    Maybe. If the total amount to be paid (including deposit) is above the appropriate contract threshold, a contract is required. If not above the threshold, a contract would not be required unless a signature is required or there are terms and conditions.

  • When do I need an Event Preapproval Form?

    An Event Preapproval Form is required whenever UAB will be sponsoring an event whether or not any UAB funds will be spent or a non-UAB sponsored event when UAB funds will be spent. It does not matter whether the event is occurring at UAB or at a remote location. More information about event preapproval can be found in the Entertainment General Expenditure Guidelines.

    An Event Preapproval Form is not required if the event is an official UAB event oriented towards students/trainees, endowment-funded lectureships, or ticket events.

  • If I have an approved Event Preapproval Form, do I also need a contract?

    This depends on the situation. If the event is sponsored by UAB and occurring at UAB, then a contract would not be required. However, if the event is occurring at a location other than UAB, a contract might be required if it meets or exceeds the UAB contract thresholds amounts or there is a formal agreement that requires a signature.

  • Who is authorized to sign documents on UAB's behalf?