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UAB Expenditure Guidelines

UAB is a public institution and has a stewardship responsibility for the proper use of public funds. The Expenditure Guidelines are provided by UAB Financial Affairs as a resource to UAB faculty and staff to assist them in fulfilling their job responsibilities by informing them as to UAB's institutional policies and procedures applicable to the expenditure of UAB funds. In such cases, appropriate action should be characterized by prudence and a responsibility to safeguard public funds and UAB. When in doubt as to the application of these guidelines, employees are encouraged to consult in advance with appropriate officials in UAB Financial Affairs.

All users involved in either initiating or approving requisitions should be familiar with the "Expenditure Guidelines" on the UAB Financial Affairs website. These guidelines are to be used by UAB employees to assist in determining proper expenditures for UAB accounts. This document is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all institutional requisition guidelines.

Sponsored grants and contracts guidelines are often determined by the sponsoring agency and may further restrict expenditures.

In all cases, it is expected that UAB payment requests are limited to legitimate UAB business purposes, and that any representation or documentation is complete, truthful, and accurate.

Throughout these Expenditure Guidelines, the term "UAB" includes UAB Hospital. The term "employee" is intended to refer to both faculty and staff.

Expenditure Guidelines Matrix

This matrix is intended to assist the user in identifying the appropriate method of payment for common university expenditures.


  • Expenditure Guidelines FAQ

    This site consists of frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs). We have arranged all of the information by category for ease of navigation. Please click on the topics below to view related information.

  • Event Approval Form

    In accordance with UAB Expenditure Guidelines for Entertainment, prior to incurring cost commitments associated with a UAB-Sponsored Entertainment Event (defined in UAB Expenditure Guidelines for Entertainment), the UAB Event Approval Form should be completed.

    However, the Event Approval Form (and its associated University Development Office and executive level approvals) is not required by Central Administration for the following types of events, though all other aspects of these guidelines do apply:

    • An official UAB event substantially oriented for, and the primary audience is expected to be, UAB students or trainees, prospective UAB students or prospective trainees, and their families, including Student /Trainee Events as defined above
    • Endowment-Funded Lectureships (defined in UAB Expenditure Guidelines for Entertainment)
    • Ticket Events (defined in UAB Expenditure Guidelines for Entertainment)

    The Event Approval form is also required to obtain official approval to expend UAB funds on costs associated with attending the Non-UAB Sponsored Event (defined in UAB Expenditure Guidelines for Entertainment).

    The Event Approval Form requires the approval of the department head, school/college executive level, and the appropriate Central accounting department, indicating their pre-approval of the event.

    Additional Related Resources:

    Departmentally approved event approval forms should be submitted electronically to eaf@uab.edu.

    Once the department begins submitting requisitions for payment of costs associated with the Event, a copy of the applicable fully approved form should be attached to each of the applicable requisitions.

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