The UAB GL End User responsibility gives the user the ability to view GL account string dollar balances and dollar transactions based upon his/her security rules, view all GL attributes (non-dollar data) for any and all account string, without regard to his/her security rules, and run certain predefined GL ad hoc reports on line.

Note: The UAB GL End User responsibility will appear on your Personal Home Page with your Blazer ID, i.e. UAB GL End User-blazerid.


  1. GL Accounting Key
  2. GL Account Alias



Requesting Access


UAB $ Balances: The UAB GL End User responsibility provides two inquiry options: UAB Dollar Balances Inquiry, Accounts Inquiry, and Journals Inquiry. Utilize the UAB $ Balances Inquiry to access information related to a specific account string.

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UAB Attributes

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UAB Workflow

Payroll Information Extracts



  • Oracle HR & FN System Training — Financial Affairs maintains an Oracle Accounting Applications website as a resource for users of all Oracle finance applications.
  • UAB Expenditure Guidelines — Provided by UAB Financial Affairs as a resource to UAB faculty and staff to assist them in fulfilling their job responsibilities by informing them as to UAB's institutional policies and procedures applicable to the expenditure of UAB funds.
  • Administrative Systems Official Object Code Listing — UAB's official object code listing for the Administrative Systems' General Ledger and Oracle Grants/Projects Accounting primary object codes. A request form for new object codes is also available.
  • Changing the Default Export Application — Detailed instructions on how to set Excel as the default application to open .tsv documents. This is suggested for exporting documents from the system into Excel.