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Maybe you’re not sure what to search. No problem. Take a look at the various fields below for an idea. But don’t forget to explore multiple areas. For instance, if you want to be an art teacher, check out both Creative Arts and Education. Interested in a legal career? Remember that our Pre-Professional Programs include Pre-Law. And if you have no idea, just click No Idea for a rundown of our undeclared major program.

The Complete List

Would you rather just open the fridge and take a look at all your options?
Here’s a list of every program on every level we offer at UAB and links to specific lists of program types.

AccountingB.S.M.Ac.Collat School of Business
Administration/Health Services~Ph.D.School of Health Professions
African American StudiesB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Anatomical Science~M.S.Joint Health Sciences
Anthropology of Peace and Human Rights~M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
AnthropologyB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Applications of Mixed Methods Research~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Applied Mathematics~Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Art History~M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
ArtB.A.B.F.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Arts Education~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Biochemistry & Structural Biology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
BioinformaticsB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
BiologyB.S.M.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Biomedical and Health Sciences~M.S.School of Health Professions
Biomedical EngineeringB.S.B.M.EM.S.B.M.E.Ph.D.School of Engineering
Biomedical SciencesB.S.~School of Health Professions
Biostatistics~M.S.Ph.D.School of Public Health
Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Biotechnology~M.S.School of Health Professions
Business Administration~M.B.A.Collat School of Business
Business Administration/Dentistry (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./D.M.D.Collat School of Business/School of Dentistry
Business Administration/Engineering — Advanced Safety Engineering and Management (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.Eng.Collat School of Business/School of Engineering
Business Administration/Health Administration (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.S.H.A.Collat School of Business/School of Health Professions
Business Administration/Medicine (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./M.D.Collat School of Business/School of Medicine
Business Administration/Optometry (Dual Degree)~M.B.A./O.D.Collat School of Business/School of Optometry
Business Analytics with Information Technology~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Cancer BiologyB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Cancer Biology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Practitioner Teacher~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Center for Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) - Scholar Teacher~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
ChemistryB.S.M.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Civil EngineeringB.S.C.E.M.S.C.E.Ph.D.School of Engineering
Clinical Informatics~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Clinical Laboratory Science~M.S.School of Health Professions
Clinical Mental Health Counseling~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Clinical/Medical Social Work~M.S.W.College of Arts & Sciences
Communication Management~M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
Communication StudiesB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Community Health and Human ServicesB.S.~School of Education
Community Health~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Computer Engineering~Ph.D.School of Engineering
Computer Forensics~Graduate CertificateCollege of Arts & Sciences
Computer ScienceB.A.B.S.M.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Construction Engineering Management~Graduate CertificateSchool of Engineering
Counseling~M.A.School of Education
Criminal JusticeB.S.M.S.C.J.College of Arts & Sciences
Cyber Security~M.S.College of Arts & Sciences
Cybersecurity Management~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Data Science~M.S.College of Arts & Sciences
Dental AssistingCertificate~School of Dentistry
Dentistry~D.M.D.D.M.D./Ph.D.M.S.School of Dentistry
Dentistry/Medicine (Dual Degree)~D.M.D./M.D.School of Dentistry/School of Medicine
Digital ForensicsB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Early Childhood Education and Elementary EducationB.S.~School of Education
Early Childhood EducationB.S.M.A.Ed.Ph.D.School of Education
EconomicsB.S.~Collat School of Business
Education~Ed.S.School of Education
Educational Leadership~Ed.D.Ed.S.M.A.Ed.School of Education
Educational Studies in Diverse Populations~Ph.D.School of Education
Educational Studies~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Electrical and Computer Engineering~M.S.E.C.E.School of Engineering
Electrical EngineeringB.S.E.E.~School of Engineering
Elementary EducationB.S.M.A.Ed.School of Education
Engineering DesignB.S.E.~School of Engineering
Engineering Management~M.S.E.M.School of Engineering
Engineering~M.Eng.School of Engineering
English as a Second Language~M.A.Ed.School of Education
EnglishB.A.M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
EntrepreneurshipB.S.~Collat School of Business
Environmental Engineering~Graduate CertificateSchool of Engineering
Environmental Health Sciences~Ph.D.School of Public Health
Epidemiology~Ph.D.School of Public Health
FinanceB.S.~Collat School of Business
Foreign LanguagesB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Forensic Science~M.S.F.S.College of Arts & Sciences
General StudiesB.G.S~College of Arts & Sciences
Genetic Counseling~M.S.School of Health Professions
Genetics and Genomic SciencesB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Global Health Studies~Graduate CertificateSchool of Public Health
Health Administration~M.S.H.A.School of Health Professions
Health Care ManagementB.S.~School of Health Professions
Health Coaching~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Health Education~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Health Education/Promotion~Ph.D.School of Education
Health Education/Promotion~Ph.D.School of Public Health
Health Informatics~M.S.H.I.School of Health Professions
Health Physics~M.S.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Leadership~D.Sc.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Quality and Safety~Graduate CertificateM.S.School of Health Professions
Healthcare Simulation~M.S.School of Health Professions
High School EducationB.S.M.A.Ed.School of Education
Higher Education Administration~Graduate CertificateM.S.School of Education
HistoryB.A.M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
Human Resource ManagementB.S.~Collat School of Business
ImmunologyB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Immunology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Industrial DistributionB.S.~Collat School of Business
Information SystemsB.S.~Collat School of Business
Information Technology Management~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Instructional Design and Development~M.S.School of Education
Interdisciplinary Engineering~Ph.D.School of Engineering
Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies~M.S.Graduate School
International StudiesB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Interprofessional Non-Profit LeadershipCertificate~Collat School of Business
KinesiologyB.S.M.S.School of Education
Leadership and Professional Development~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Low Vision Rehabilitation~Graduate CertificateSchool of Health Professions
Management Information Systems~M.S.Collat School of Business
ManagementB.S.~Collat School of Business
MarketingB.S.~Collat School of Business
Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Materials EngineeringB.S.Mt.E.M.S.Mt.E.Ph.D.School of Engineering
Materials Science~Ph.D.School of Engineering
MathematicsB.S.M.S.College of Arts & Sciences
Mechanical EngineeringB.S.M.E.M.S.M.E.School of Engineering
Medical SociologyB.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Medicine~M.D.School of Medicine
Mental HealthCertificate~College of Arts & Sciences
Mentoring and Leadership~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Microbiology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Multidisciplinary Biomedical Science~M.S.Joint Health Sciences
MusicB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Musical TheatreB.F.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Neuroenginering~Ph.D.School of Engineering / School of Medicine
NeuroscienceB.S.~College of Arts & Sciences
Neuroscience~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
Nonprofit Management~Graduate CertificateCollege of Arts & Sciences
Nuclear Medicine Technology~M.S.School of Health Professions
NursingB.S.ND.N.P.M.S.N.Ph.D.School of Nursing
Nutrition Sciences~M.S.Ph.D.School of Health Professions
Occupational Therapy~M.S.O.T.DSchool of Health Professions
Optometry~O.D.School of Optometry
Optometry/Vision Science (Dual Degree)~O.D./M.S.School of Optometry
Pathobiology, Pharmacology & Physiology~Ph.D.Joint Health Sciences
PhilosophyB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Physical Therapy~D.P.T.School of Health Professions
Physician Assistant Studies~M.S.P.A.S.School of Health Professions
PhysicsB.S.M.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Political ScienceB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-DentistryNon-Degree~College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-LawNon-Degree~College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-MedicineNon-Degree~College of Arts & Sciences
Pre-OptometryNon-Degree~College of Arts & Sciences
Professional SalesCertificate~Collat School of Business
PsychologyB.S.Ph.D.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration~M.P.A.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Administration/Criminal Justice~M.P.A./M.S.C.J.College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health — Maternal and Child Health/Nursing (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.N.School of Public Health/School of Nursing
Public Health — Maternal and Child Health/Social Work (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.W.School of Public Health/College of Arts & Sciences/University of Alabama School of Social Work
Public HealthB.S.Dr.P.H.Graduate CertificateM.P.H.M.S.P.H.School of Public Health
Public Health/Business Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.B.A.Collat School of Business/School of Public Health
Public Health/Health Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.H.A.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Juris Doctorate (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./J.D.School of Public Health/Samford University Cumberland School of Law
Public Health/Medicine (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.D.M.S.P.H./M.D.School of Public Health/School of Medicine
Public Health/Nutrition Sciences — Dietetic Internship, Clinical Track (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Optometry (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./O.D.School of Public Health/School of Optometry
Public Health/Pharmacy (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./Pharm.D.School of Public Health/Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Public Health/Physician Assistant Studies (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.S.P.A.S.School of Public Health/School of Health Professions
Public Health/Public Administration (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./M.P.A.School of Public Health/College of Arts & Sciences
Public Health/Veterinary Medicine (Coordinated Degree)~M.P.H./D.V.M.School of Public Health/Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Public Management~Graduate CertificateCollege of Arts & Sciences
Reading Education~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Rehabilitation Science~Ph.D.School of Health Professions
Research Communication~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
Research Laboratory Management~Graduate CertificateGraduate School
School Psychometry~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Social and Behavioral Statistics~Graduate CertificateCollege of Arts & Sciences
Social MediaCertificateGraduate CertificateCollat School of Business
Social WorkB.S.S.W.~College of Arts & Sciences
SociologyB.A.M.A.College of Arts & Sciences
Spanish for Specific PurposesCertificate~College of Arts & Sciences
Special Education (Collaborative Teacher)~M.A.Ed.School of Education
Structural Engineering~Graduate CertificateSchool of Engineering
Supporting Individuals with Exceptionalities~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Sustainable Engineering~Graduate CertificateSchool of Engineering
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages~Ed.S.School of Education
Teaching Multilingual Learners~Graduate CertificateSchool of Education
Technology, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship~Graduate CertificateCollat School of Business
TheatreB.A.~College of Arts & Sciences
Translational and Molecular Sciences~Graduate CertificateJoint Health Sciences
Transportation Engineering~Graduate CertificateSchool of Engineering
UndeclaredNon-Degree~Vulcan Materials Academic Success Center
Vision Science~M.S.Ph.D.School of Optometry